Gordon Ramsay Is Sued Over Reality That Isn’t Real

Gordon Ramsay

According to a plaintiff in a current lawsuit, Hell’s Kitchen’s resident tyrant, Chef Gordon Ramsay, decided his upcoming Fox reality show needed a bit of a fictional boost to make good food TV. This fall Fox is scheduled to begin airing Ramsay’s new show Kitchen Nightmares. The thrust of the new series is that Ramsay visits a failing restaurant for a week in order to fix it and turn things around.

One of those lucky restaurants earning a visit from Chef Ramsay was Dillon’s, an Indian eatery in the Manhattan theater district. According to Martin Hyde, the restaurant’s former manager, Gordon Ramsay exaggerated things like finding rotten meat and hiring extra customers to make it look like the restaurant was more popular after Hyde’s on-show firing. Hyde also complains that, as general manager, he had no control over the kitchen but was still blamed for kitchen problems.

The lawsuit aims to keep the show from ever being aired on the grounds that it will destroy the reputation of the restaurant and possibly the careers of those who worked there. Interestingly, the owner of Dillon’s, Muhammad Islam, declined to comment about the lawsuit but did say the restaurant has been more popular since Gordon Ramsay’s visit. Gordon Ramsay was sued over the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares for manipulating scenes as well. In that case he walked out of the courtroom victorious.

Photo © Fox Television