Hell’s Kitchen 3.5 – Birth of a Dictator


OK, I’m being polite with my wording in the title, but I don’t see a need to stoop to a certain level. The whiff of serious manipulation of the goings-on gets stronger and stronger on Hell’s Kitchen, but so does the slow move toward self-parodying comedy. Melissa’s night and day attempted emergence as the horned dictator of Hades is just the latest in the ongoing saga of torment in this little corner of Hell.

In this week’s episode things kicked off with the first good news yet for the men’s team. This week’s Hell’s Kitchen has a special topic. The teams are creating food for a wedding! This is a first for Hell’s Kitchen. Who would want to have a wedding reception in a place called Hell’s Kitchen I do not know, but the two teams tried to present acceptable food options (2 entrees and an appetizer) for the event. Due to a kitchen tussle among the women that left one entree as an ugly brown rock of duck, the men, who did cook up a handsome looking ribeye steak, had the dishes that most pleased the groom and bride.

The men are whisked off for a day of pampering at a spa while the women suffer the “punishment” of having to decorate Hell’s Kitchen for the reception. Melissa, who was at fault in the burning of the duck earlier, continues her distinctly annoying ways. She has suddenly decided she should be boss and no one will stand in her way. The biggest problem is she doesn’t have the slightest idea how to be effective. Anger simmers in otherwise quiet contestants such as Jen. Things don’t look good for the success of the reception. One bright spot is that there are no Beef Wellingtons in sight this week!

On to the reception and there are usual rough patches. Melissa continues her attempts at ruling, but she also suffers a number of tongue-lashings from Chef Ramsay due to an interesting string of mistakes. As the evening moves along, we finally see the first time the contestants present a complete service to their waiting customers. Chef Ramsay manages to express a bit of pleasure as the women go down in a completely predictable defeat.

The last remaining drama relates to this week’s elimination. Put in the role of doing the nominating, Jen agonizes over her 2nd nominee. Melissa, everyone’s enemy, is the obvious first choice. She interviews all of her teammates in an effort to generate a plan that will work. At the actual elimination session, Bonnie is the 2nd nominee, but, to the great relief of the women, Chef Ramsay allows Bonnie to stay. An exit for Melissa is expected…but there is a dramatic twist! Melissa is allowed to stay and added to the men’s team…to see if she can get along better wit a group of men. Melissa’s red is turned in to don the blue color of the men’s team in preparation for next week’s drama!