Hell’s Kitchen Final – A Clear Winner

It wasn’t a big surprise when Rock turned out to be the winner for Hell’s Kitchen Season 3. What was probably the biggest surprise was the relative lack of drama in the final dinner service. Of course there was Julia’s conversion into an obnoxious contrarian, Josh’s inability to serve up quality crab cakes, and Melissa’s ineptness, but it was all rather uneventful compared with much of the season. Rarely does it seem that Reality TV serves up such a clear winner, and, equally rarely, such a gracious loser. Here are 5 of the reasons Rock was the unquestioned victor:

  1. Solid performance week after week
  2. Clear leadership and assignment of tasks for his team in the final dinner service
  3. Experience, experience, experience
  4. There should be no whining in the kitchen!
  5. A little strategy can go a long way

The executives at Fox should be smiling. This season of Hell’s Kitchen enjoyed a 10% increase in ratings over last season. That alone should be worth Rock’s $250,000 first year salary as top chef at Terra Verde at Las Vegas’ Green Valley Ranch. If you want to seek out the new celebrity chef, Rock will be in uniform September 10.