Catching Up With Top Chef’s Ilan Hall, Second Season Winner

Ilan Hall

It was not easy to make people feel affection for Marcel on the second season of Top Chef but somehow that smirk and attitude from ultimate winner Ilan Hall drove a number of viewers into Marcel’s camp. Ilan’s status as a villain in the making was not helped by revelations that he spent his winnings on ostentatious bling. Despite debunking by the folks at Food & Wine magazine, there was a definitive aura of conceit in the air. Fast-forward and it seems that Ilan’s reputation is in the process of a makeover. Is Ilan Hall back in your good graces?

When Top Chef bowed to fans wishes and gave Ilan and fan favorite Sam a head-to-head cookoff, more than a few viewers figured Sam would win in a walk. Ilan’s win made many of us think again. Perhaps his victory was valid and supported by the quality of the food. Ilan even mentioned that the relationship with Marcel had become “amicable.” A recent video showing Ilan explaining his process for auditioning and ending up on Top Chef has surfaced. The presentation and audience discussion took place at Maryland’s Great Grapes Festival. Ilan is approachable, friendly, and snark free.

Recently, in an almost affectionate tone, Top Chef blogger Amuse-Biatch relates how Ilan was mistaken for judge Ted Allen. Is the warm and friendly image of Ilan Hall on its way? Stay tuned…and let us know your opinion.