Christopher Ciccone on Top Chef?

It is not common for Top Chef to bring in guest “consultants” outside of the guest judges for the week. So…why Christopher Ciccone, the man otherwise known as “Madonna’s brother”? It may have been, as some have suggested, an effort to reinforce relations with Top Chef’s gay fans, but, I expect, it mostly was a situation in which the show’s needs matched well with the needs of the guest.

Christopher Ciccone is a noted designer with a wide range of experience from helping design the visual components of his sister’s tours to a wide range of restaurant design experience. His past design resume fit the needs of Top Chef well. Both teams in the “Restaurant Wars” episodes struggled with the look of things in the front of the house. That would not be a big surprise considering none of the contestants were brought to the show based on their eye for decorating walls, floors, and furniture. Christopher Ciccone is a primary designer on a current high profile Miami development so he certainly must be in town frequently.

Christopher Ciccone has also been associated with some more questionable art exhibits in the past as well as being very willing to talk about his famous sibling. It has appeared recently that Madonna and her brother are not in a good place with their relationship these days. So…some positive publicity could be a good thing for Mr. Ciccone…although “if that’s a vegetable medley, I’m a monkey” may not be the best way to get there. The Top Chef producers gave him a chance to give it his best shot.

And then, of course, there’s the gay thing…and the best commentary in this direction is in Amuse-Biatch’s confidential. Perhaps in the future the best course of direction is to dispense with the “outside experts” and get back to those who know what happens inside a kitchen.

Photo © Bravo Television