Top Chef Chicago Picks Final 16

Top-Chef-Chicago The fourth season of Top Chef is still more than a month away, but for 16 lucky and talented contestants, it must feel like years! 

Bravo has announced the line-up for Top Chef: Chicago and they include a restaurant consultant from San Francisco, a sous chef from New York, and a culinary designer who believes food is art!

Over the next two weeks, I’ll introduce them individually, but in the meantime, here is the full roster.

-Andrew, 30 – Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL; Resides in N.Y.
-Antonia, 31 – Hometown/Resides in: Los Angeles, CA
-Dale, 29 – Hometown: Chicago, IL; Resides in N.Y.
-Erik, 38 – Hometown: Chappaqua, NY; Resides in San Francisco, CA
-Jennifer, 35 – Hometown: Brooklyn, NY; Resides in San Francisco, CA
-Lisa, 27 – Hometown: Toronto, Canada; Resides in N.Y.
-Manuel, 33 – Hometown: Laredo, TX; Resides in N.Y.
-Mark, 29 – Hometown: Invercargill, New Zealand; Resides in N.Y.
-Nikki, 35 – Hometown/Resides in: N.Y.
-Nimma, 26 – Hometown: Peachtree City, GA; Resides in Atlanta, GA
-Richard, 35 – Hometown: Uniondale, NY; Resides in Atlanta, GA
-Ryan, 28 – Hometown: Los Banos, CA; Resides in San Francisco, CA
-Spike, 27 – Hometown: Clearwater Beach, FL; Resides in Williamsburg, N.Y.
-Stephanie, 31 – Hometown: Stamford, CT; Resides in Chicago, IL
-Valerie, 32 – Hometown/Resides in: Chicago, IL
-Zoi, 30, – Hometown: Seattle, WA; Resides in San Francisco, CA


Let the Flames Begin!