Top Chef coming soon

Top Chef Season 5 CastIf you are anxiously awaiting the new season of Top Chef, you aren’t alone. I have my DVR set to start recording on Wednesday at 9pm Central time for the first episode of Season 5. Are you ready?

If you’re ready, and waiting impatiently, you could go try some food from former Top Chefs. If you’re in Washington, D.C. you can try Spike Mendelsohn’s Five Napkin Burger at his Good Stuff Eatery. Richard Blais will be working with Flip restaurant in Atlanta which is opening at the end of this month.

Brian Malarkey, from Season 3 can be found at the Oceanaire Seafood Room in San Diego. Camille Becerra, also from Season 3 can be found cooking things up at Paloma in Brooklyn.

Check out USA Today to find out where you can find more former Top Chef cheftestants cooking these days.

And keep an eye right here to meet the new comers for Season 5 in the upcoming days.

Photo Credit: Top Chef