Top Chef cheftestants, Alex, Ariane and Carla

Top Chef is coming on Wednesday, so it’s about time to learn who the new cheftestants will be. There are 17 cheftestants in all and I will be posting a little bit about each one in the upcoming days.

Top Chef contestant Alex

Alex is 33 and though he is from New York, he is currently living in LA. He is an Executive Chef at Restaurant 15. He likes to train for marathons, cook paella and add a little Caribbean flair to his cooking.

Top Chef contestant Ariane

Ariane is 41 and from Verona, New Jersey. She is the owner/chef of CuliAriane in Montclair, NJ. She learned to cook from her Grandmothers (and the Culinary Institute of America) and enjoys spending time with her daughters at the beach and entertaining family and friends. She believes she should always keep smiling. It will be interesting to see how that works out for her!

Top Chef contestant Carla

Carla is 44 and she is originally from Nashville, TN and is living in Washington, D.C. She is the owner/chef of Alchemy Caterers. Her food balances Southern comfort food and her classical French training. She keeps European butter, good chocolate and bacon on hand at all times and enjoys making pies.

Photo Credit: Top Chef