Tom Colicchio’s Craft Sets Up Shop in L.A.

Tom Colicchio

For those who follow Top Chef closely both on TV and online, they may have noticed that Tom Colicchio abandoned his Bravo Network blog recently due to work on opening a new restaurant. That venture is a Los Angeles location for Colicchio’s signature line of Craft restaurants. The blog has carried on without him, but how has the new opening unfolded?

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Sriracha: Condiment of the Gods?


When Casey decided to use sriracha, the Thai red pepper sauce, as a mix-in for Coldstone Creamery ice cream in this past week’s Top Chef QuickFire challenge, some viewers were perplexed, while many of us understood why she at least considered it as an option. Named for the Thai port of Sriracha, the sweet and mildly hot sauce is increasingly becoming a condiment of choice for foodies and casual connoisseurs of spiciness alike. It’s no surprise that Top Chef contestants had been discussing their devotion to the red goodness.

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Top Chef 3.7 – Give Them Bacon!

This week’s Top Chef was sub-titled “Guilty Pleasures” in anticipation of the QuickFire and Elimination Challenges for the week. The QuickFire pointed out there are limitations to what tastes good mixed into ice cream, and the Elimination Challenge proved that it pays to rise above petty disappointment and focus on the task at hand with good humor and a positive attitude.

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Hell’s Kitchen 3.10 – Strreeettcchhiinnngg For Ratings?

Green Valley Ranch Logo

As we were all impatiently waiting for the finale to find out if Rock or Bonnie would be the executive chef of their own restaurant at Las Vegas’ Green Valley Ranch, Fox Television took the opportunity to grab a bit more of the ratings derby with a drawn-out pre-finale show. Fortunately, there was a challenge featuring the cooking skills of both final contestants amid all of the filler.

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Hell’s Kitchen’s Rock in Real Life

As we head into the finale for Hell’s Kitchen tomorrow night, the heavy favorite to come out victorious is Rock Harper. He is an executive chef up against a personal chef/nanny named Bonnie. One of the questions on many viewers’ minds is…if Rock is an executive chef, what does that mean? Where is he already a leader in the kitchen?

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The Kitchen Hierarchy: Do You Know Your Chefs?

While watching top reality cooking shows like Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Next Food Network Star, various kitchen titles are tossed around like Executive Chef, Sous Chef, and Line Cook, but do you really know what they mean? This is your quick and dirty guide to the hierarchy of who’s who in a top-level kitchen.

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Top Chef 3.6 – Out of the Freezer and Into the Fire

Tre and CJ

Although this week’s guest judge was notorious reality TV veteran Rocco DiSpirito, little drama appeared as a result of his participation. Rocco exhibited his exemplary food knowledge, appeared minus 30 lbs. looking impressively fit and trim, and dropped a tremendous compliment to one of the competing teams. However, the Top Chef editors did leave in a comment from Joey referring to Rocco as an a**hole. The primary focus this week turned out to be the preparation of high quality frozen food, and I think many of us learned a lot.

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Perilla – Top Chef Season 1 Winner Harold Dieterle’s Restaurant


It is the dream of all Top Chef contestants. It is what it seems the winners of the first 2 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen were promised but didn’t really get. Season 1 winner of Top Chef, Harold Dieterle, has his own Manhattan restaurant and it is getting great reviews. Open since May, 2007, Perilla is a Greenwich Village neighborhood restaurant with exceptionally high standards and proof that Top Chef contestants are for real.

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Hell’s Kitchen 3.9 – Mother Knows Best?

Rock Bonnie

So there really is a soft side to Chef Gordon Ramsay and he seems to have a great mum, too…who bakes macaroni and cheese! This week’s Hell’s Kitchen celebrated family on the way to the final elimination before the show’s finale. There’s nothing like a surprise visit from family members to drown everyone in tears. It was an emotional episode. Along with family came what felt like a tidal wave of compliments and warm thoughts compared to the previous 8 installments of season number 3.

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Catching Up With Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen Final 4

These were the final 4 remaining on this season’s Hell’s Kitchen until last Monday’s elimination of Julia (far right) whittled things down to 3. The final contestants, left to right, are Bonnie, 26, a nanny and personal chef from Los Angeles, Rock, 30, an executive chef from Virginia, and Jen, 26, a pastry chef from Pennsylvania. The recent path to this point has had its usual twists and turns amid plenty of shouting and insults from Chef Gordon Ramsay.

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